FREE DOWNLOAD - taken from 2003 album ‘Rich And Famous’ - Antisocial Insecurity’ was one of the best loved tracks….

KINDLY ENJOY this rehearsal tape made on 15th June 2012 - as Vice Squad prepare acoustic versions of the classics.

This has been made available by SQUAD In celebration of the Queens Jubilee,
” A long line of Blood-thisty Parasites…”

FREE MP3 simply click little arrow on player. THIS SONG IS IN MEMORY OF JIM MARSHALL the British amplifier manufacturer

'Done Before' taken from new album PUNK ROCK RADIO - we hope you like this preview LOVE TO YOU ALL VICE SQUAD X

PUNKS UNITED by Vice Squad - filmed at Pod Parou Festival Czech Republic 2011.

Vice Squad - PUNK ROCKER
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 PUNK ROCKER is taken from new VICE SQUAD album PUNK ROCK RADIO.

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